How to Pass Covid-19 Quarantine and Immigration in Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea with Korea SIM

2021. 11. 19

1. For eSIM-supported iPhone (unlocked)

    1) Buy Korea eSIM SKY. (  )

    2) Receive a voucher email with a QR code (sent in a maximum of several hours)

    3) Download and install the quarantine app. ( )

    4) Boarding a plane and landing at Incheon International Airport.

    5) Connecting Airport Wi-Fi (SSID: Airport Wi-Fi)

    6) Scan QR code in iPhone settings.

How to scan eSIM QR code in iPhone or Android

    7) Online activation application (Uplus URL)

    8) Register the phone number for eSIM on the quarantine app. ( )

    9) Report on COVID-19 quarantine.

  10) Pass the immigration.

  11) Entering South Korea.

2. Android phone (Phones without eSIM function; unlocked)

   1) In the case of arriving in Terminal 2, Incheon International Airport

     a. Purchase Korea SIM Gold. ( )

     b. Receive voucher email including order number (received in a few hours)

     c. Download and install the quarantine app. ( )

     d. Boarding a plane and landing at Incheon International Airport.

     e. Before reporting quarantine, visit SK Telecom Desk (gate 252; 24/7 operation) and receive USIM (check the phone number).

     f. Register the USIM phone number in the above quarantine app.

     g. Report on COVID-19 quarantine.

     h. Pass the immigration.

     i. Entering the country.

   2) In the case of arriving in Terminal 1, Incheon International Airport 

     a. Purchase Korea SIM Gold. ( )

     b. Receive voucher email including order number (received within a few hours)

     c. Download and install the quarantine app. ( )

     d. Boarding a plane and landing at Incheon International Airport.

     e. Notice the COVID quarantine officer that “I’ll receive SKT USIM at the airport”. 

     f. Provide your acquaintance’s phone number on the above quarantine app. 

     g. Pass the immigration and collect baggage.

     h. Visit SK Telecom Desk (in front of Exit 9; 6AM-10PM) and pick-up USIM (check the phone number).

     i. Update to the phone number for Korea SIM Gold on quarantine app.

Korea SIM Gold which offers Korean phone number for Covid-19 Quarantine


The Korean government requires visitors who want to enter Korea to submit vaccination certificate with Korean phone numbers. As soon as you step off the plane, it is required to enter a Korean phone number that can be reached on the quarantine app (URL) before passing the immigration. You don’t just have to put any numbers in. You have to confirm that you can actually get a text message from that number so that you can pass the quarantine.

Therefore, if you are thinking of visiting Korea, it is essential to prepare a SIM card with a Korean phone number in advance. In the worst case, you may have to go back home even never setting foot in the country.

1. If your device is an eSIM-supported iPhone,

The recently released iPhone has an eSIM function. Even if you don’t have to use a physical SIM card, you can enjoy the same effect as inserting a physical SIM card into your iPhone through download. It is the most convenient and recommended way. You can check whether your iPhone supports eSIM in Setting. (Photo) If your phone is not related to a mobile carrier and appear as shown on the screen above in the setting, I strongly recommend using eSIM.

Korea eSIM Sky is the only eSIM that currently provides Korean phone numbers, so there is no other choice. It provides unlimited data. To be precise, 3GB full speed is provided unlimitedly per day, and after using 3GB, unlimited data is provided at 5Mbps. And a new 3GB will be provided again at midnight every day. The 5Mbps speed is even possible for YouTube streaming.

This eSIM is a product supplied from LG Uplus, Korea’s top three mobile network operators. You can purchase it cheaper if you purchase it on the Korea SIM card website than directly from LG Uplus. (Photo)

Before boarding a flight to Korea, receive an e-mail containing the eSIM QR code, and install the Korean quarantine app in advance. The email voucher already contained a Korean phone number, so you can give your family or acquaintance a phone number that you can contact while in Korea. The number is in the form of 012-xxxxx, and +82-12-xxxxx-xxx for international calls other than Korea.

As soon as getting off the plane at Incheon International Airport, you can connect to the airport Wi-Fi, scan the QR code, and apply for online activation. Then, register your phone number in the quarantine app and report it. All the next steps are the same as normal immigration procedures.

2) if your phone doesn’t support eSIM ,

In this case, Korea SIM Gold is a best choice. It is a product provided by SK Telecom, Korea’s No. 1 mobile carrier, and SK Telecom is collaborating with Incheon International Airport.

Korea SIM Gold is basically a USIM that provides unlimited data without speed limits, but it also provides additional functions such as incoming voice calls and text messages with Korean phone numbers (Starting 010- ) when ordering online and picking up at the airport. Since outgoing voice calls and text messages are impossible, voice calls can be made using data such as FaceTime and Messenger app. You don’t need an activation process, and you can use it after rebooting 2-3 times your phone.

Like eSIM, it is recommended to purchase on the Korea SIM card website at a lower price than on the SK Telecom website. (Photo)

When ordering online, the order number is listed in the e-mail you receive, and you can pick-up USIM by showing this order number to SK Telecom Desk. The USIM contains a Korean phone number starting with 010. Depending on the terminal you arrive at (Terminal 1 or Terminal 2), the pick-up location and operating time are different.

a. In the case of Terminal 2,

It is convenient because SK Telecom Desk is located before quarantine and immigration floor. As soon as you get off the plane, you can go to the SK Telecom desk and receive USIM, and if you put it right into your phone, it will activate immediately. After registering the phone number assigned to the USIM in the quarantine app, you can report the quarantine information and pass immigration.

b. In the case of Terminal 1,

In Terminal 1, SK Telecom Desk is located in the arrival hall after quarantine, immigration, and baggage claim. Therefore, when passing quarantine, the contact information for your family or acquaintance who can be contacted temporarily must be provided first. If you tell the government officials that you ordered SK Telecom USIM and will update the phone number after receiving it, they will approve it. After collecting the baggage, pick-up the USIM from the SK Telecom Desk, install a quarantine app on your phone, and register the Korean phone number in the app.

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