Top 3 prepaid SIM cards for Travelers in South Korea

Data only with the Lowest Cost – Korea SIM Black

The Most Cost Effective and Best Selling – Korea SIM Blue

Perfect SIM with International Call – Korea SIM Red

As you know, Korea SIM card series in are the best selling products in on-line and off-line including airports around South Korea. There are some variations which is sold through other channels but krsim offers the exact products as a authentic company.

There is no absolute SIM because specs has to do with price and the specs people want is very diverse. So, the best SIM depends on individual preference.

Here is the table you can compare one another.

Korea SIM Blue Korea SIM Black Korea SIM Red
Product Image

Product Option 5 days / 7 days / 10 days /
15 days / 30 days
5 days / 10 days / 30 days 1GB / 2GB for 30 days
Description Unlimited Data +
Local Voice and Message
(100min. and 100EA)
Unlimited Data Usage Credit Balance which can be
converted automatically into Data,
Voice and Message
Price (in US$) 23.9 / 28.9 / 32.9 / 42.9 / 60.9 22.5 / 30.9 / 58.8 26.9 / 38.9
Mobile Number
(Voice Call)
Korean Mobile Number
(Starting 010)
Messenger Talk Unavailable
Not available
Messenger Talk available
Korean Mobile Number
(Starting 010)
International Voice Call available
at the lowest rate
Internet Speed World Best Internet Speed
LTE Max. 150Mbps
LTE (5Mbps)
Enough Speed to use
Conventional Internet
World Best Internet Speed
LTE Max. 150Mbps
Recharge Mobile App.
(only once; up to additional 30 days)
No need to Recharge Whenever
Offline : CVS (7-11, GS25, CU)
Online : (during day time)
* Period not extended
Where to pick up Incheon T1, T2, Gimpo and
Gimhae International Airport
4 Major Airport
(Incheon T1, T2, Gimpo, Jeju
and Gimhae) and Busan Harbor
Incheon T1, T2, Gimpo and
Gimhae International Airport
Availability Whoever
(Koreans and Foreigners)
(Koreans and Foreigners)
With Foreigner Passport Only
Activation Online :
24/7 activation
4 Major Airport
kt roaming desk
Online :

How to Recharge 4G LTE kt Prepaid SIM in Korea and How to Check the Credit Balance(For Korea SIM RED)

Online with easy purchase? or Offline in CVS in real time?


In South Korea, it is obvious that major two SIM products from kt (Korea Telecom) have monopoly on the entire SIM market now. 4G LTE Prepaid SIM is available all around the airport and you can see everywhere including CVS. Moreover, Unlimited Data SIM is the most popular SIM plan.

There is no need to recharge for Unlimited Data SIM. So, in this article, I would like to share how to recharge 4G LTE kt Prepaid SIM and how to check the credit balance.


kt 4G LTE Prepaid 2GB SIM


The minimum price for recharge is KRW 10,000 per 500MB. I think it is not that cheap, but it is totally worth for its world top class premium quality. For this reason, I would like to strongly recommend 2GB SIM instead of 1GB, if you need more than 1GB. This way, you can save KRW 5,000 with the same value of 2GB.

Recharge Online with easy payment

Available at all time and easy to recharge. No need to face language barrier in front of your eyes. Simply enough with paypal or your credit card.

Just visit and order. That’s it. This is a part of Korea SIM Card web page(

But if you want to recharge during weekend or at night, it is hard to recommend because the recharge will be activated as of the next working day. However, it enables to recharge real time during operating hours in weekdays.

Recharge in CVS in real time

Or you can also recharge at any convenience stores in South Korea such as 7-Eleven, GS25 and CU nationwide 24/7. It is truly real time recharge.

7-Eleven and GS25 have easier way whick you can simply show your phone number of the SIM and pay the desired amounts to recharge. All the credit cards are available for payment. You might experience language barrier but in that case, you can show the note below to the reception staff.

Recharge at CVS.jpg

Otherwise, CU has PIN code-based top up system. (customer top-up on their own) Once the staff is done processing, you will get a receipt with PIN codes printed (11 digits). Then call 080-013-0114 (for free of charge) and follow the message on the line. English instruction will be provided.

When recharge is finished, you will receive notification message in real time.

How to Check Credit Balance

Call ARS 080-012-0114 (for free of charge). Then you will receive SMS that contains the information of the remaining credit balance.

Or, you can call 080-770-0114 and ask the staff there. They will let you know the credit balance.

What is the Best Prepaid SIM in S. Korea for Travelers

Arrival Floor (1F) in Incheon International Airport, Where Over 80% of All Prepaid SIM in S. Korea for Travelers Sales Occur

What is the way to be connected in Korea as a short-time travelers with your smartphone, now? There are so many articles that compare one with another. But I found that the information they showed was so out of date that it could mislead travelers rather than helped them.

I had been a researcher (as to Korean mobile telecommunication policy and industry sector) in the public institute for over 10 years, and am following the issue. Recently prepaid SIM market for travelers seems to be growing rapidly and catch my interest.

Then, what on earth is the best prepaid SIM in S. Korea for travelers?

Let’s find the answer from now on.